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The law office of Randy Ligh offers debt collection services and can handle complex or simple debt collection issues. With experience and exposure to creditor and collection law, we have been assisting with claims, collecting debts and judgments for several years now.

A debt collection job could be done using a writ of seizure or garnishment, though the law office of Randy Ligh handles affairs that are more complex with huge dollars on the line and assets that debtors haven’t disclosed. When our firm identifies such assets, we file lawsuit on the owners stating they weren’t disclosed - hidden for inappropriate transfers. We can also file a suit to wade through corporate agendas when someone uses a corporation for a fraudulent purpose against clients.

Acting Quickly to Recover Your Judgment or Claim is Very Important in Louisiana

When someone owes you money, you are probably racing since the changes of someone else getting to them first is higher – some have more than one debt / debtor against the same asset. Usually, debtors have no more than one source of liquid funds, which will be used up faster. Time never waits for anyone! So it is important to be fast and file a suit, if you want to win and reclaim your debt and get access to debtor’s bank account(s). Spectators can’t win any competition.

Litigation and Retail Debt Collection in Louisiana

When consumers owe debts, they’re called retail debts. It is quite tricky to collect them, since pitfalls that come under Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") and Louisiana State Laws are many. Statutes are meant to protect and give rights to consumers and a debt collector should respect those. When collectors violate those rules unknowingly, they can be sued. The law office of Randy Ligh with years of experience to their credit in collecting retail debt, coupled with the knowledge about current practices and laws, can handle such scenarios or avoid them easily.

The Law Office of Randy Ligh could issue Writs of Garnishment for Bank Accounts, Wages and/ or Other Sources of Funds The law office could get Writs of Seizure of Property. When we know about the assets held by a debtor, we move court and court officer is delegated with the task of seizing and selling those assets. At times, convincing a debtor that we’re serious is all it takes to collect your debt.

Subpoenas can also be served for debtors to appear at our office with their tax returns, bank account statements and titles to assets. When a debtor fails, arrest warrant could be acquired. There are times when debtors think our law office’s method seems to work effectively!

Orders for Receivers are acquired. Receiver is someone who "steps into the shoes" of the debtor and probably handles their affairs – business. In such scenarios, receiver gets access to the debtor’s assets and can clear funds for the creditor.

Professional Collection Fees Could Turn Out Risky

Do know many file a suit for counterclaim for malpractice when sued for professional fees? Even when there’s no validation for their claims / counterclaim, the professional should inform malpractice carrier when a counterclaim is filed. There are times when the professional is asked to report threat of a malpractice action to their insurance carrier. Our law office is aware of such issues and very sensitive about it. That’s one reason why we don’t contact debtors to determine why our professional fees weren’t taken care of! Instead, we identify if a debtor has any complaints about our service or is trying to avoid repaying the debt.

At times, we wait or consult professionals before statute of limitations or other suits or counterclaims are filed. We also suggest our clients to go legal should there be a need, without any delay, so statute of imitations doesn’t expire. We inform our clients that even after statute of limitations for malpractice counterclaim passes, debtors could still file affirmative defense of malpractice. Even so, under affirmative defense, value of the malpractice claim can’t be more than the professional’s claim.

You can get in touch with Baton Rouge collection attorney at Randy B. Ligh law firm to weigh your legal options and situation, or to schedule free evaluation.



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