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Chances are you have visited the law firm of Randy Ligh because you or someone you know is facing criminal charges. At this critical time you are asking yourself what you say and do; any decision can make the difference between imprisonment or the freedom to move forward with your life. The right decision is to seek the experienced and aggressive legal representation from a defense attorney. Before you talk to police or do anything, discuss your case with us, the experienced and aggressive defense attorneys with Randy Ligh law firm.  Attorney Randy Ligh is a Louisiana Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer who focuses on criminal cases.

Randy Ligh, Attorney at Law, is an Experienced Prosecutor

As an experienced Louisiana prosecutor who understands how the state prepares criminal cases, the firm is able to identify and exploit weaknesses in the state's case, which can result in a dismissal or reduction in charges, or to minimize penalties.  We will fight to get the best outcome available for you. This could be through plea negotiations, suppression motions, or trial by jury. We will not stop until each and every avenue available to you has been exhausted. If you elect to fight and exercise your constitutional right to trial by jury and the jury returns a guilty verdict, we will continue to fight by appealing your case to the higher court.

Here at the law firm of Randy Ligh, we quote one fee so you are not pressured into shortchanging yourself AND your case by "pleaing out" in order to avoid the "additional" fee for a jury trial. What sets us apart from most firms is that Randy Ligh is a trial attorneys.

How the Criminal System Works - Aggressive Representation in Baton Rouge

When you are arrested for a crime, you literally face an unthinking, uncaring system. You may never have needed the services of an attorney before, but now you do. The state will never look at your circumstances. Any attempt to reason with law enforcement will be discounted at best. In some cases, explanations will be taken out of context and turned against you in court. Explanations don't count in the face of the laws and codes; only the laws count. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Randy Ligh understands how the criminal justice system works and how to work within the system for the best outcome of your case.

Attorney Randy Ligh is a criminal law specialist and experts in handling the full range of state and federal crimes charges. The law firm can defend against traffic offenses, driving under the influence (DUI), drug crime or theft crime charges;  all the way to violent crimes, such as assault, battery or murder. The law firm understands the issues you will face if charged with a sex crime and can defend your rights in these circumstances as well. The firm can represent you when facing a probation violation and will defend any underage person charged with a juvenile crime. Ideally, Louisiana state laws would be clear regarding crime, but that is not always the case, especially with white collar crime. Louisiana and many other states' laws have changed. Short lenient sentences are a thing of the past. The law firm defense specialist will act swiftly to handle any unfounded allegation and defend against the severity of charges you may face.

After an Arrest You Have Not Lost Your Rights

You must move quickly. Acting before the Federal or State's Attorney files formal charges gives you the best chance to avoid maximum penalties or a conviction altogether. Any conviction will show on your record. It will affect your ability to obtain professional licenses, loans, or find quality employment.

It is always in your best interests to fight a criminal charge. Whether you face a misdemeanor or felony, contact the law firm of Rand Ligh for your criminal defense attorney. With the firm’s number of years’ experience, you will get the best chance for your future.

Contact Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney at the Randy B. Ligh law firm to discuss your legal situation and to schedule a free case evaluation.



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