Are you charged with a crime in Baton Rouge or enduring a personal injury? The Law Office of Randy B. Ligh can come to your rescue! Randy B. Ligh is an experienced and reliable lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Baton Rouge

When you are injured due to negligence, the attorney who represents your case for claim will determine the settlement amount. Individuals who have endured an injury do not know they can demand different compensation levels. Their ignorance can mean they are inclined to accept lesser settlement value to cover their expenses for injury recovery or post-accident recovery. Besides the immediate medical expenses, victim is often enduring other consequences including their life coming to a standstill temporarily, or longer durations (for a few years). Isn’t seeking complete monetary compensation important and best done with the aid of an eminent attorney? It is important to ensure you have an experienced and thorough legal counsel representing your lawsuit or claim for personal injury cases. Insurance companies train their personnel to urge victims to settle their cases for the least amount possible resulting in many injury victims failing to receive an amount that truly reflects the damages suffered in the incident.

Since we specialize in personal injury claims, we have come across most scenarios. Personal injury does not only include road accidents, it also includes any physical harm inflicted at work, while shopping or even when you are taking the stairs in your apartment complex. Though there are inherent risks everywhere and for everyone, when there’s a personal injury, Randy B. Ligh Law Firm can come to your assistance in legal matters. Basically, you need not face the consequences of personal injury when the harm was inflicted by the error of someone else and in that case, you can pursue it legally.

When you present your claim with the expertise of a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney, you are assured of professional and experienced counsel ready to fight for your claim, tirelessly. This can often include dealing with illegal practices of insurance providers, or just about anything that can work against you. You will have someone to support your cause while you are facing trauma due to the injury or accident. While you are hoping to resume normalcy, our legal counsel will ensure you get the best possible financial compensation to make your transition easier.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge

When charged and arrested for a criminal offense, choosing the apt Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyer should be your first concern. The expertise, experience, dedication and creativity of the attorney can determine the results of criminal proceedings. Baton Rouge Attorney Randy B. Ligh is reputed reliable and experienced in Baton Rouge criminal defense law firm. You can contact Randy Ligh's law firm for quick assistance or a free evaluation for your case.

The Law Office of Randy Ligh has experienced attorneys to deal with driving under the influence (DUI) charges, or other legal issues including representing and scheduling clients at DMV hearings. If one is charged with manslaughter, repercussions of their conviction can last for life. While there’s nothing called a perfect case, the legal counsel will wade through every minute detail about the case and come up with the best possible defense strategy and fight for your freedom.

We handle all drug crimes, which includes drug possession, drug sales & manufacturing, etc. Our firm can defend felony and juvenile crimes and deal with legal issues that involve restraining orders. It is important to understand you need a good and aggressive legal representation to defend you when charged with criminal accusations like sex crimes that include assault and rape and deal with your case without any delay. We can defend those charged violent crimes like battery and assault, assault using a lethal weapon, murder and carjacking. Our law firm also offers to assist small businesses in Baton Rouge, help with Collections in Baton Rouge or assist with other legal issues you might be having or need advice.

It is important to understand that being innocent isn’t enough in the real world, considering how many innocents are serving jail time because they did not have someone to fight for them. For this reason, you must ensure you have a good legal counsel to fight for your rights and freedom. Contact us to know more about services today.



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