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While large corporations produce products that become household names and gain substantial recognition, small business still forms the backbone of the U.S. economy creating the majority of new jobs every year. Generating more than one-third of the U.S. gross national product, small businesses also create a fertile environment for technological innovation. A Louisiana small business  lawyer at the law office of Randy B. Ligh can prove to be valuable for a small business to keep ahead of new laws regulating employment, contracts, taxes, financing, and business formation.

How a Business Lawyer in Louisiana Meets Small Business Needs

Our law firm can relate to the needs and every day operations of small businesses along with aspirations to grow the business. We are a well-established and reputed law firm that has been practicing law for a number of years.  Consequently, we have created many ties with the local small business community.

Whether assisting a high tech entrepreneur or a local rancher, our diverse skills with small businesses enables our firm to advise and represent clients in many different types of business situations. A Louisiana small business lawyer at the law office of Randy Ligh can advise business owners and assist with legal documentation for:

• Business entities—sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, or other corporation

• Financing through venture capitalists, small business loans, government grants, secured credit loans, or equipment leasing

• Small business purchases and sales

• Preparation of employment agreements

• Distribution contract drafting and review

• Risk evaluation

• Collections

• Estate planning and administration

• Business transactions and litigation—Louisiana

At the law office of Randy Ligh you find Louisiana small business attorneys with a genuine interest in seeing your business succeed. The law firm offers sage advice on the best way to form, operate, and expand your business. Large law firm services equate to high costs and administration that most small businesses cannot afford—or need.  The law firm offers flexible and affordable billing arrangements and a personal touch that most of our small business clients appreciate. Clients have easy access to speak with their lawyer when situations arise.

Contact Baton Rouge small business attorney at the Randy B. Ligh law firm to discuss your legal situation and to schedule a free evaluation.



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