Many individuals who are having a tryst with criminal justice system for the first time are frightened and concerned. Most have similar questions to ask, so I have listed a few questions I get asked frequently. In case you are facing criminal charges or being investigated for one, I insist you contact The Ligh Law Firm’s criminal defense lawyer at the earliest, to get started with defense. Sometimes, diving into action quickly can get the charges against you dismissed.

Will I need a lawyer to defend me in case of a criminal charge?

The answer is based on whether or not to fight back, or be punished! If you are proactive and understand the importance of an aggressive and reliable defense lawyer who can get things rolling on your behalf and get a legal representation immediately after your arrest, you could probably avoid penalties.

Does a criminal defense lawyer charge a lot?

What is more for you? Do you think spending jail time is OK? Won’t it damage your reputation, future and probably hinder your chances at holding professional license or have other detrimental consequences? A tough and experienced criminal defense lawyer should fight any criminal charge. For example: Let’s take a DUI charge. Do you know getting convicted for DUI can have more in store than fines, missed workdays, court fees and vehicle impoundment? Besides, your insurance rates will also go higher for the next few years. Never ignore or overlook the importance of top-notch legal representation when facing a criminal charge.

How much can I expect in a injury settlement?

When you try for a settlement with Randy Ligh as injury lawyer, your settlement will be appropriate for sure. Don’t ever try to negotiate settlement without reliable legal representation by someone who knows tricks and ploys that insurance companies use to reduce claim values. Attorney Randy Ligh comes with both reputation and experience to fight high value settlements. Every case is analyzed thoroughly and settlement is determined according to the injuries and setbacks. His law firm offers free consultation if you have any questions regarding your case and settlement value.

What would be the duration for a settlement claim?

Duration taken for concluding a settlement case will depend on multiple facets, circumstances and the situation at hand. Our goal is negotiate on your behalf aggressively and get maximum possible settlement in lesser time. We pressurize insurance company to settle injury claims and ensure we settle only for the best value.

Should I accept any settlement offered by the insurance company?

No, it is not advisable to accept settlement without someone to represent you legally. What if you need more medical assistance at a later date, or what if your injuries leave you in a condition where you have to take leave from work for a longer duration? In such cases, you can’t even ask for more compensation. The offer they give is probably lower than what’s standard as is the norm and practices deployed by insurance companies when someone doesn’t have legal counsel to represent them. Insurance companies know that and take you for a ride. So, having a qualified, experienced and capable legal representation is the only way to get compensated to the maximum.

How to choose an attorney?

It is a good idea to contact law firms that specialize in personal injury and have a good history like Attorney Randy Ligh. This law firm is qualified and experienced to handle personal injury cases and I suggest you to get in touch for a free consultation before deciding.

What types of personal injury cases do they accept?

The Law Firm of Randy Ligh offers dedicated and aggressive legal representation for clients involved in truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, premises liability cases, pedestrian accidents and just about any other injury cases. The law firm could help aid you in case you are injured due to the negligence of another entity or individual.

Contact Attorney Randy B. Ligh for legal representation and get your queries answered. The Law Firm of Randy Ligh is ready to guide and serve you.



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